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The following party packages provide a totally hands-on, and totally participatory FUN science experience for each and every child. Our parties combine the most exciting experiments for a safe, fun filled, fast paced hour and fifteen minute adventure.

Party Packages Include: 

• A scientist that comes to your party location.

• A fun-filled, fast paced 60-minute science adventure.

• All science supplies and materials.

• Participation for the birthday child and up to 14 of his/her friends. ($5.00 fee for each additional child). Parents & chaperones are free of charge.

• Take-home experiments for each child.

Please call today for reservations and availability. Reservations are confirmed upon receipt of your $50.00 deposit.



Science Programs for Kids


Encourage science discovery in children around the world!

Birthday Party Packages

Crazy Chemistry Party - $300
Become a Mad Scientist and make Space Mud! Stretch it, bounce it, and keep it! Next go Ice Cube Fishing, Erupt Volcanoes and Make Gummy Candies! YUM!

Gold Rush Party - $300.00
Strike it rich! Pan for Gemstones - everything you find, you keep! In addition, we make Space Mud, Erupt Volcanoes and geysers... What a Blast!!

Dino Fun Party - $300.00
Check out all kinds of really cool and authentic fossils. Go on a Dino Egg Hunt and excavate what you find. Erupt Volcanoes, and Dig for Fossils.

Princess Prism Party - $275.00
Explore the enchanting princess world through the science of colors, reflections and light. Build a Bubble Castle, Experiment with UV light, create colorful flowers, concoct glittery Princess Putty all while wearing a beautiful Prism Princess crown!

Superhero Science Party - $275.00
Be a Hero for the Day and Make your Very Own Superhero Mask to Conceal your Identity! Make Glowing Kryptonite, Erupt Volcanoes & Fly Airplanes!

Exciting extras to add to any party package:
Rocket Launch - $25.00
Hair Raising Machine - $25.00
Super Absorbent Powder - $15.00
Insta Snow - $15.00

Birthday Party "Goody Bag" ($4.00 each).
Contents Include:
•2 oz. cup of gelatin with pipette & instructions (gelatin is kosher)
•Test tube with solar beads & instructions
•Canister with lava rock, mini magnifying glass & volcano instructions
•3-D glasses 
•Bug-eye viewer
•Space mud recipe

**Please note that a $20.00 Travel Fee may apply.

Science Programs for Kids


Marvel at the accomplishments your students will achieve!

Birthday Party FAQ's

Everything you need to know about the birthday party but forgot to ask...

What time should I tell my guests to arrive?
Please have your guests arrive at least 30 minutes before our party is to begin. Very often guests are late which interferes with the party. Our party will begin at the start time and end at the finish time.

Where should the children sit?
Children need to be seated at tables.

What time will the Scientist arrive?
Our Scientist will arrive shortly before the party. The set-up time for our party is minimal and only takes 2-3 minutes.

What about my adult guests?
We love parents and encourage them to attend. However, you may want to have an area for them to socialize. When the parents crowd around the tables, it is distracting to the children and they are in the way of our Scientist.

We are looking forward to your party!

Science Programs for Kids


Participate in FUN science experiments with easy to use scientific tools!

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