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High Touch High Tech:
Science Education In A FUN Way Through Hands-on Exploration!

High Touch High Tech provides all equipment and materials in this supply intensive, educational experience.

We offer fun and educational 60 minute, hands-on, interactive in-school field trips. Students receive take home experiments and certificates of program completion.

Our fee is $9.00 per student and may be paid by parents (as they would for a regular, out-of-school field trip), outside grants, school board, PTA/PTO boosters and student fundraisers.

Our Programs incorporate STEM, STEAM, and Common Core while making The Next Generation Sunshine State Standards FUN!

High Touch High Tech's programs are all designed with the Next Generation Sunshine State Standards and Common Core in mind. We know what the students need to learn in science. Each and every program addresses these standards.

And because our programs are centered on the individual child's experience, many programs can be adapted, upon request, to meet the needs of other grade levels as well.

Our experiments are structured to use materials that are safe and easy to identify. Students can duplicate many of these experiments at home with their parents.

We are now accepting reservations for the 2021/2022 school year in Tampa, Citrus Park, Brandon, Plant City, Sarasota, Manatee, Clearwater, St. Pete, Wesley Chapel, Lakeland, Bartow, and the surrounding counties.

To view a list of our NGSSS Aligned Curriculum Click Here

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Science Programs for Kids


Encourage science discovery in children around the world!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can programs be adapted for different grade levels?
A: Yes! Although programs may be listed on our brochure for a specific grade, they can be easily adapted for all grades.

Q: Can teachers step out of the classroom while the Scientist is facilitating the program?
A: Teachers are requested to remain in the classroom throughout the program. We encourage teachers to participate and rely on their feedback to assist in our efforts to continuously improve upon our FUN and exciting hands on science experiences.

Q: How should I set up my classroom in preparation for the Scientist?
A: Our Scientist and your students will need either desk tops or table tops at which to conduct their hands-on science experiments. We also ask that you have a Chalkboard or Dry Erase board available for use by our Scientist. Note that some programs may require access to water; therefore, access to a sink and tap would also be helpful.

Q: Are the supplies included with the program?
A: All supplies are provided by High Touch High Tech. Our Scientist will bring enough supplies for each student to enjoy a hands-on experience.

Q: How many Scientists will facilitate each program?
A: One Scientist will be assigned to each classroom/program.

Q: What is the length of each program?
A: Programs run for 60-minutes and are action packed with FUN hands-on science experiences for each and every student in your class.

Q: When will the Scientist arrive?
A: Our Scientists require only 5-10 minutes to set up for your program; therefore, you should expect them to arrive approximately 10 minutes prior to the start of your program.

Q: How will I be able to identify the Scientist?
A: Our Scientists will be easy to identify in their white, High Touch High Tech lab coats.

Q: Which standards are met by each program?
A: You will find a copy of our state standards menu on the “Brochures” page of our website. All programs and their corresponding state standards are outlined in the attached menu.

Q: How do I make a reservation for my classroom?
A: Reservations can be made via phone or on-line. You can find our contact information below or complete and submit our on-line Reservation Form.

Q: Is a deposit required when I make my reservation?
A: Yes. We require a $50 deposit along with a signed copy of your confirmation letter in order to hold your requested date.

Q: What is your cancellation policy?
A: A cancellation fee of $50 will be charged, per Scientist, for all programs cancelled within 30 days of the scheduled program.

Q: Can I pay for a HTHT in-school field trip with grant dollars that have been awarded to my school?
A: Yes. Many schools pay for their High Touch High Tech programs with grant dollars received via the 21st Century Grant, Eisenhower Grant and several Local & State Grants.

Science Programs for Kids


Marvel at the accomplishments your students will achieve!

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